Entropy Resins


Entropy Resins is a company that makes materials that balance performance and environmental sustainability. Their product, bio-based epoxy resins, allow for strong and durable composites and coatings with a lower environmental impact.


Site UX/UI overhaul and development and redesign of visual identity. Entropy Resins felt that their cluttered and outdated e-commerce site was turning away more customers than it brought in. They conducted a detailed audit that revealed the site's main weaknesses.


Stratpoint design team made a UX/UI design overhaul that included updating the look and feel of the site to match current design trends, ironing out the purchasing process, and adding a community feature where customers can interact.

Along with the revamp of Entopy Resins' e-commerce site, the design team also provided them with updated logos for their company and main product line, the Super Sap resin series.