Globe Business My Accounts


The project is being undertaken to create a new web self-service portal intended for Globe's corporate clients. It aims to provide an interim solution to EG and SG subscribers to view their account and billing details via Globe Business My Account portal.


Globe needed help in providing corporate Assignees the facility to manage their account in the Globe Business My Account portal.
Focus on the delivery of requirements/functionality for Authorize representative / SPOC and development of Admin/Web tool.
Additional functionality in Globe Business My Account (Online Service Modification Requests) that will have user profile functionality, MyRequest dashboard for Assignee, SPOC, Agent and Queuing Agent dashboard. This will enable Assignee and SPOC to perform the following Service Modification/Activation and Bills and Payment Requests


Have a separate ELB-2-Server setup for the Portal Server and API Server
The Portal Server will host the Globe Business My Account Portal while the API Server will be the interface to Globe's Services Proxy, Globe's gateway to Globe Core Services such as:
Account Informations provider
Billing Informations provider
SMS provider
Integration of Amazon Services for the ff.:
RDS - as the MySQL Database
SES - as the Email Service Provider
S3 - as the File respositoy