Globe GServices


GServices is created for the convenience of Globe prepaid and postpaid subscribers. users can manage their Globe Postpaid or Prepaid account easily and quickly with the GServices App. Perfect for users who are always on-the-go.


GServices was handed over to Stratpoint for the improvement and enhancement of the over-all experience of the mobile app, both in Android and iOS. Globe felt that the version they are running needs a total overhaul due to its slowness. They want to relaunch the GServices app in a different light -- new interface, new way to navigate the app; a new experience for the subscribers.


- API Security hardening
- Use Programmable Globe's Hajime, to make use of the existing API backend facility of Globe,
- Integration of AWS (Amazon Web Services), to use Cloud technology for the intended CMS Web Admin Tool
- Several navigation workarounds and layout/design enhancements.