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Globe at Home App

Globe Telecom

The Globe At Home App provides a more convenient way for Globe broadband users to access their data consumption, manage account information, pay bills, register to promos, and more.

Globe CRM

Globe Telecom

Utilized by Globe’s Customer Service Representatives, the internal CRM web tool monitors Globe customer’s mobile data allowances and event records.

Globe Online Shop

Globe Telecom

The Globe Online Shop is an e-commerce website where customers can purchase postpaid, prepaid, and broadband subscriptions, as well as mobile devices, gadgets, and electronic accessories.

Yaass! Field Service App

Globe Telecom

Yaass! is a field service application used by Globe’s field personnel to receive information, learning materials, and videos from the head office.

Stratpoint Mentorship Log


Stratpoint Mentorship Log is Stratpoint’s mentorship platform where mentors and mentees collaborate and log their sessions.

Solaire Website


The Solaire's website migration answers its need to shift to a more efficient cloud solution, faced with the technical concern that its infrastructure was entirely reliant on a single server.


Stratpoint Labs

Iris is a natural language library that enables chatbots to respond to customer inquiries in a conversational manner - providing an always-on assistant.

Automated Article Tagging

Summit Media

To understand its audience’s preferences and behaviors and ultimately improve overall engagement and experience, Summit Media launched the Automatic Article Tagging project.



STRATSAFE is Stratpoint’s health checker and contact tracing system to be used by employees as they shift into the new normal.


Hyperlocal Info-Exchange App


Sharea is a mobile app that helps communities crowdsource, share, and consume fact-checked LGU announcements, health bulletins, job postings, and other local and valuable information.

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