Women of Stratpoint proclaimed Grand Champion at the 2nd DevelopHer

Woman of Stratpoint
We are super proud of our Stratpoint team – Cla, Tin, Axl, Zoe, and Sarah, who was declared as the Grand Champion at Accenture’s 2-day all-female hackathon, DevelopHer.

Competing against 16 teams of 3-5 women, these women developers were tasked to create a solution that would solve the problem statement:

“How might we use tech to help women become the best versions of themselves?”

Within 24 hours, they developed “ShePLANt”, a progressive web application that serves as a platform for women to publicly pledge new habits alongside other women for support. They used ReactJS for the front-end development and Ruby on Rails for the back-end. Sarah and Tin worked together on the backend. Axl and Zoe developed the front-end with assistance from Tin, while Cla designed the user interface of the application and provided for the assets that contributed to the overall branding of the application.

DevelopHer Screens

Prototype of ShePLANt


It was the first time for most of these women to join a hackathon. During the event, they fearlessly ventured out of their comfort zones. Sarah, who is an Android Developer, learned how to code Ruby on Rails, as taught by Tin. Zoe, a QA Engineer, used Firebase for the first time for user authentication. It was also Tin and Zoe’s first time to pitch a product.


DevelopHer 2


These women competed against other teams that used different platforms such as AI, AR, and other web and mobile applications.


DevelopHer 3

Photo credits to Accenture Philippines


Stratpoint team, Charming Chix, won as the Grand Champion of the competition. Below are the other awards won during the event:

Runner-up: Team Harrier
Most Innovative Hack: Team XDN
Best Pitch: Team Hacksilog
Best Beginner Hack: Team Ikarly

Continue being wonderful examples of Women Power! You inspire us all! Congratulations!


DevelopHer 4

July 8, 2019


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