In case you missed it, check out these informative webinars on trending topics with industry and technology leaders.

What makes a super app, SUPER? In this webinar, learn what differentiates a super app from a regular app and understand what it takes to build one.
Understand how setting data in motion allows businesses to improve customer experience at scale. Learn how companies leveraged Confluent’s data streaming technology to enable fast and real-time processing of data.

Find out how you can leverage AWS to protect your organization with a backup and DR strategy.

Learn about how cloud management tool nOps enables you to cut down on AWS spend while helping you maintain an infrastructure that is secure, reliable, efficient, and operationally excellent. Presented by Stratpoint, nOps, and AWS.

Learn how Amazon Rekognition enables apps to detect, remember, and recognize objects, scenes, and faces in images. Teach your models to identify everyday objects in videos and train custom datasets with personalized labels.

Understand and build applications using Microservices and Containers, learn the benefits of going Serverless, and establish an infrastructure that will respond to ever-changing business needs.