Stratpoint is proud to be Pinoy

Today, we honor the Filipinos who fought for a free Philippines in World War II. We owe our heroes the liberties that we enjoy today.

Stratpoint is proud to be a Filipino technology company that competes on a global scale. Our executive leadership are tech visionaries who acquired education and experience in the international scene, including Silicon Valley. They brought their learnings to the Philippines in order to give back the opportunity to Filipinos, to leverage IT to thrive in business and in our careers.

We aim to use our daily work to contribute to nation-building. We develop solutions for our clients so that they may provide great customer experiences to their customers, to improve their lifestyles and help grow businesses of all sizes. Within our own organization, we nurture and groom young Filipino professionals. They will become the next generation of technology leaders who will bring to life IT solutions for real-world challenges that we can only dream of today.

Our country joins the world in a war against COVID-19. As an IT solutions provider, we will continue to help our customers adapt to the inevitable and total shift to a digital economy, to get all of us ready and able to face any disruption now and in the future. As an employer, we stand by our IT professionals, to protect their jobs, health, and safety, and that of their families.  

In honor of our heroes, every day, as we did after the war, we Filipinos will dust ourselves off and push forward.

Maligayang Araw ng Kagitingan!

April 7, 2021


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AWS 2020 Social Impact Partner of the Year Award

Stratpoint Technologies, Inc. (Stratpoint) is the 2020 Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) Social Impact Partner of the Year in ASEAN for the development of the hyperlocal information-sharing mobile application, Sharea.


Cary Santos is one of Stratpoint’s leaders and AGILE MOVER. With over 20 years of experience in varying leadership roles and exposure in the industry, he drives innovation in the organization, igniting the change through the AGILE FRAMEWORK. Sparking the Evolution...

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Women of Stratpoint proclaimed Grand Champion at the 2nd DevelopHer

We are super proud of our Stratpoint team - Cla, Tin, Axl, Zoe, and Sarah, who was declared as the Grand Champion at Accenture's 2-day all-female hackathon, DevelopHer. Competing against 16 teams of 3-5 women, these women developers were tasked to create a solution...