November 10, 2022

StratProfiles: JC Macariola, Technical Architect

In StratProfiles, we get to know the Stratizens — their aspirations and inspirations . We hope that, like they do, you grow your career with Stratpoint too.


JC Macariola, Technical Architect

How can IT make this world a better place?

If the IT industry had CARE as a central motivation, we can make this country a better place for citizens. For example, for the elderly, we can provide better accessibility for going places, an app for pensions instead of having to visit a bank, or IoT devices to better monitor their health.

Did you always want to be in tech?

I wanted to be a lot of things: a doctor, a lawyer, and even a soldier. But ending up in an environment so eager to evolve and grow is great too.

If I wasn’t in IT, I’d be in Finance or an entrepreneur. Or a spy!

Describe your career journey

I started out in application support, helping run software others wrote as if it were my own. I learned how to manage critical events, debug, and develop software. Then I was given the opportunity to architect software. With a lot of hard work and a sprinkle of good luck, I’m still here.

What do you like about Stratpoint

As someone who was beginning a career at the time, I found Stratpoint to be a nurturing place. I could learn from tech veterans as well as my peers. I could explore, grow, and make a name for myself.

How do you keep yourself updated?

I read books, watch YouTube videos. I take courses, particularly those with hands-on components.

What is your ultimate goal career-wise?

I hope to contribute to a product/service that would dominate a particular market and have 10x or more advantage vs the competition.

Advice to younger professionals

Pay attention to your mind, your inner voice. Use it to understand if something is holding you back, or if it is telling you to push forward and aim higher.


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