November 25, 2022

StratProfiles: Kevin Ventura, Cloud Engineering Manager 

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Kevin Ventura, Cloud Engineering Manager

What did you want to be when you were young?

A builder. I was strongly into Lego and computers in the ‘90s. Today, I may not be able to build with Lego and computer hardware but now I can build with code and computer software.

How did you end up as a Cloud Engineering Manager?

My university professor strongly influenced me to learn web development. So even when I was still a student, I was already doing WordPress and social media design projects for different clients on Odesk. Then I did my internship at the University of the Philippines Open University, and they used my output as the official website! At the same time, I was a Mozilla open-source community contributor and later a Mozilla representative for the Philippines.

I first encountered Stratpoint at a startup event. I saw that the company had ties with Silicon Valley companies and aggressively explored innovative technologies. I felt it was a good environment for me to break into the tech world.

I was hired as a Stratpoint software engineer after graduation. For the next 10 years, I handled multiple roles: front-end and back-end developer, JavaScript pioneer, and AI, Big Data, Cloud, and DevOps engineer. Now, I am co-managing the Cloud business of Stratpoint!

What do you think is IT’s role in making the world a better place?

Catalyst of transformation. Without IT and tech innovation, we would never enjoy the level of modernization today.

What makes you proud of your job?

Being at the forefront of Cloud Innovation and Industry here in the Philippines.

Tech changes a lot — how do you keep yourself updated?

I read a lot from Hacker News and TechCrunch. I get my hands dirty by trying different programming frameworks, tools, and technologies.

If you weren’t at Stratpoint where do you think you would be?

In the field of Social Service or involved in non-profit organizations. I love to volunteer.

Among popular tech personalities, who do you want to emulate and why?

Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram. He doesn’t just code — he also provides  great user experience.

If you could invent/build any tech today, what would it be?

Efficient, cost-effective housing technology.

What is your ultimate goal career-wise?

Start and own a technology company and retire to be a CTO/IT Director of a small-town hospital.

What is your advice to young tech professionals?

Enjoy, and stay hungry in tech. Invest!


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