April 13, 2023

Transform through Design with Andie Santos, UI/UX Designer

What got you into design?

The principles of the UI/UX design career perfectly align with my own – empathy with users and customers, making digital experiences accessible to more people, and essentially putting together art and technology.

How do you help clients achieve their goals?

As UI/UX Designers, we help our clients visualize the digital transformation of their service and make this accessible to the target users. 

To gain insights on the market and target users of the service, we conduct user research and competitive analysis. We use the data to drive our designs and the user experience. We also conduct design sprints and design thinking sessions to identify business goals and requirements for minimum viable products (MVPs) and features. We create wireframes and interactive prototypes that serve as guides for crafting a digital service aligned with the business’ vision and users’ needs.

How does your work contribute to enriching the experience of technology users?

UI/UX Designers are at the forefront of digital transformation. We make services available and more accessible in a world that is becoming more and more digitally dependent and fast-paced. We enrich experiences by creating designs that help users easily and delightfully achieve their goals. We do this with the help of the latest design software, testing, and feedback from end users.

How do you contribute to building or maintaining a good working relationship with clients?

For me, communication is the key– from giving feedback and suggestions to negotiating timelines. As a designer, I keep myself open to client feedback to improve our project. We are in touch every day, ensuring that our goals are aligned. Outside of our roles, we have lunch together, organize team building activities, and share stories about our everyday lives.

How do you ensure that you always deliver value to your colleagues and clients?

I translate the needs of users into an app design. I convey my ideas to the team in a way that stakeholders and developers can appreciate.  I carry my knowledge and experience as a software developer when I create wireframes and interactive prototypes.

Like Andie, Stratpoint UI/UX designers aim to deliver value to their clients at all times. To set up a free consultation with our UI/UX Design team, fill out the form below.