Stratprofiles: Eric Conde, Technical Architect

May 19, 2023

StratProfiles: Eric Conde, Technical Architect

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Eric Conde, Technical Architect


What is IT’s role in making the world a better place?

Technology is essential in improving the lives of people. The IT industry should strive to leverage technology to create solutions and applications that actually solve real-world challenges and problems.

Did you always want to be in tech?
I took up Accountancy, following in my parents’ footsteps. But in Year 1, I took an interest in computers and programming, leading me to take up Computer Science instead. I knew it was what I wanted to do back then, and now I’m glad I dared make that choice.

Describe your career journey

After graduation, I became a software engineer and worked on ERP, CRM, inventory, and accounting systems. I worked my way up from being an engineer to leading a team of engineers. I also dabbled in startups and in doing freelance work for local and international clients. Eventually, I landed at Stratpoint, where I was hired as a senior engineer. Now, I am recognized as one of the senior architects in the company.

What do you like about Stratpoint?
It’s in Stratpoint’s DNA to support Stratizens. I was hired as a software engineer, but I wanted to explore software architecture — Stratpoint trained, developed, and mentored me to become successful in my skill transition.

How do you keep yourself updated?

I dedicate time to learning, attending conferences, and following tech sites and influencers. I also like exchanging thoughts with my colleagues at the Stratpoint Tech Council.

Advice to younger professionals
While keeping pace with technology, don’t forget to develop soft skills like communication, leadership, time management, adaptability, and versatility.


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