June 1, 2023

Super-charge your APP: Stratpoint Hosts Webinar for Businesses

The rise and spread of “Super Apps”—mobile apps with added all-around functions for everyday use—was tested and proven effective during the pandemic, where quick access to important services is crucial in remote environments. Today’s app technology has evolved to a point where users can do many things in the palm of their hands.

Businesses who would like to take the opportunity to super-charge their mobile app can attend Stratpoint’s upcoming webinar “From app to Super APP” on June 23, Friday from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (PHT). This free webinar will introduce you to the idea of super apps, the benefits of building one, and the platform needed to make it possible.

Introducing the Super App

A Super App gathers several applications without installing additional ones on your phone. Gartner even compares super apps with the Swiss army knife, as it expects more than 50% of the global population will be using such apps by 2027.

Super Apps have a collection of services that connect to the internet, making it possible to activate a separate service that answers a unique need without leaving the same application. Do you want to shop for items or have food delivered to your doorstep? It can be done in one app.

Since Super Apps are connected to one platform, once you add that dress to your cart, confirm your food order or book a ride, you can pay for it using cashless technologies integrated into the app.

What’s in it for your business?

Super Apps help businesses maintain costs for application development—maintaining one single application platform is cost-effective versus maintaining separate apps to cater to each function. Normally, listing your app on the two biggest platforms—Google Play and App Store—comes with additional costs. Having a super app platform will eliminate the need to pay for additional app listings, giving more time and resources to build tools while bypassing the need to pay more.

Gathering several tools into one super app platform also helps streamline customer experience by making sure all the user’s needs are solved in one go. Monetization opportunities can also be unlocked through super apps.

Leveraging data and analytics

Another benefit for businesses leveraging the use of super apps is the data and analytics generated by it. User data and analytics can help in developing a more optimized performance and drive informed business decisions. This is important especially for customizing each user’s needs based on its usage behavior.

Understand the critical challenges and considerations

Stratpoint’s From App to Super App webinar provides important details on how to convert your app into a super app, such as the technical needs and the strategy to migrate and upgrade your app.

Identify potential challenges and considerations when converting a mobile app into a super app, such as technical complexities, scalability, and maintaining a consistent user experience across multiple functionalities.

Learn how super apps converge the latest in app development with the essentials of architecture design, the process of creating an improved customer journey, user engagement, security, and performance.

Register now for Stratpoint’s “From app to Super APP” online webinar happening on Friday, June 23 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (PHT) on Zoom. 

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