June 16, 2023

Working on Tech that Impacts Lives with Akeem Romayla, Mobile Developer

How do you help clients achieve their goals?

I work closely with clients in defining the project scope, features, and design requirements. I make sure that these are effectively communicated by the client and fully understood by our team. This way, we align and work together towards one common goal.

How does your work translate to uplifting communities?

We develop mobile applications that are designed beautifully, with amazing functionalities, to ultimately t address community needs, promote economic development, and foster community engagement and empowerment.

Give an example of an impactful accomplishment.

I am one of the mobile capability leads who set the standards for the tools, technologies, and processes used to deliver successful solutions to clients. The same set of standards helps my colleagues be efficient and effective in their own roles.

How do you contribute to building or maintaining a good working relationship with clients?

I contribute by understanding the clients’ requirements and communicating them effectively to the team; likewise, I keep on being proactive and staying committed to keeping our clients engaged.

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