Cloud Takeoff

Moving to the Cloud gives you a competitive advantage by providing limitless space for your business to grow; but building a successful Cloud environment from scratch means spending a significant amount of time and resources on building a team with the right skills to handle this new technology, without assurance of success.

Our Cloud Takeoff service offering can help get your business up and running on the Cloud fast: from architecture and design to building and supporting a robust Cloud infrastructure.

Migrate your applications, workloads, and data seamlessly today and be ready to scale tomorrow.


Business agility

Operate your business from anywhere in the world, at any time that suits you, while keeping your assets secure. Say goodbye to overtime trips to the office just to access apps installed only in the local servers. Being in the Cloud also opens you up to more innovative possibilities such as the internet of things, machine learning, data lake, analytics, and more.


Plan for the resources that you actually need today, and automatically scale up or down depending on your business needs tomorrow. No need to burden yourself with a technical forecast that will lead you to overspend on resources you may never need.

Lower costs

Avoid capital expenses that come with building your own data center: physical servers, network, facilities, and onboarding a team. Not to mention the cost of backup, disaster recovery, high availability, and other capabilities. Downtimes caused by disasters come with a price tag too. On the Cloud, you only pay for the computing power that you use.

Make it happen today

Deploy applications in physical locations across the globe. Build backup and disaster recovery. Improve customer satisfaction by reducing latency and compliance with local data security guidelines. All these, done in minutes.







Disaster Recovery

VMWare Cloud


Careers - Why Stratpoint
Holistic approach to Cloud
We do not simply lift and shift apps to the Cloud — we help businesses thrive in it. You will be running a Cloud business that is highly available, elastic, resilient, and open to innovation.
Early adopters, certified expertise
We have been working on Cloud infrastructure and applications for more than a decade. We bring maturity, experience, and vendor-certified skills in every Cloud initiative we engage in.
Full service enterprise IT
Stratpoint capabilities cover Cloud, software, data, and AI, so we have the skills and resources to build end-to-end solutions that achieve real business goals.


Aeroworx E-Commerce

As E-commerce continues to grow at an unprecedented scale, Aeroworx needed to migrate to AWS Cloud in order to provide the best possible customer experience, while improving business outcomes.

Work with us

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