Mobile Application

Globe At Home self-service app cuts down call waiting times and physical store visits for 2M users


Globe At Home is Globe’s self-service app for prepaid and postpaid data subscribers. Users manage their data consumption, account information, bills payment, promo registration, and service tickets.


As the number of Globe data subscribers grows, so does the resulting volume of transactions. Data customers need to inquire about their accounts, request reconnection, apply for a new line, or report a problem. These were being handled via the Globe hotline, resulting in longer waiting times, especially during busy hours. Some customers lined up in Globe’s physical stores to manually process such transactions. With a health crisis in full swing, these store visits had to be minimized.


To manage the volume of transactions, the Globe At Home self-service application project was born. Globe engaged Stratpoint’s Agile development team to architect, design, and develop the Globe At Home app for Android, iOS, and the Huawei App Gallery.

In the Globe at Home app, users can perform almost all types of transactions for which they usually call the hotline or line up in the stores. The app allows the following for prepaid and postpaid customers:

  • Monitor data consumption
  • Manage customer profile
  • Pay bills via credit card or GCash
  • Register for promos
  • Change data plan
  • Upgrade to a new technology
  • Transfer subscription to a new location
  • File a support ticket and request for repair
  • Access a self-service troubleshooting knowledge base

From the business side, Globe can perform the following services for its customers within the system:

  • Create and execute campaigns via the built-in Content Management System (CMS)
  • Automatically seed vouchers
  • Manage plans and promos offered
  • Manage support tickets

Key features of the Globe at Home app, like data usage check and bills payment, were also made available in the GCash app, to provide Globe and GCash users a more seamless and convenient experience. This also allowed Globe to get more traffic into Globe at Home, as well as monitor payments made via GCash.

Developed using the SAFe Agile, the Globe At Home App is continuously being upgraded and improved every 2 to 3 sprints. The platform is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Because of the self-service aspect of Globe At Home, the Globe hotline saw a reduction in calls pertaining to simple account requests. This translated into fewer manual encoding and its corresponding costs in additional headcount. Globe was also able to launch campaigns 4 times faster than they did before the app went live.

The Globe at Home app usage peaked at 2M subscribers who actively used the app for Globe data-related transactions at their time and place of convenience. During lockdowns in light of the pandemic, there was little need for Globe customers to visit a physical store when they could use the app to communicate with Globe.

With Globe At Home, Globe once again elevated its customer service levels, securing brand loyalty and paving the way to scale its services along with its ever-growing customer base.

Technologies used

  • Kotlin, Java, Swift, JavaScript
  • React.JS, Node.JS
  • Android, iOS
  • Nginx
  • MySQL
  • Kibana
  • AWS Services: EC2, RDS, SES, SNS, S3, Cloudfront, Cloudwatch, Lambda, ElasticSearch