Hyperlocal Info-Exchange App

ABS-CBN with Stratpoint launches info-sharing app that battles misinformation


Information is readily available online, especially on social media platforms. But democratizing information can lead to misinformation, especially when the source is untraceable or is intentionally misleading. ABS-CBN, as a leading media company, set up a team that would curate, crowdsource, validate, and share relevant information to a local audience. Sharea was developed to support this endeavor with the right technology.


Stratpoint helped ABS-CBN create the design and architecture of Sharea. In the app, users shared information about health, traffic, flood, service interruptions, and even job openings. A Sharea content team validated the information to protect its users from falsehoods. To launch the app fast while making way for continuous improvements, Stratpoint used Agile methodology in developing the mobile application, content management system, and big data components of Sharea. Stratpoint deployed the platform on AWS to ensure it is highly accessible to its audience.


Through Sharea, ABS-CBN enables community members to only consume facts about current events and their communities and share information that would help other community members. This was especially helpful during the COVID-19 lockdowns when people needed to know the latest announcements in relation to relief, jobs, and quarantine policies.

Technologies used

  • Java, Android, Python, Scala, Kotlin
  • Node.JS, React.JS, Apache Spark
  • AWS Services: AWS Landing Zone Components, Kinesis, Glue Job, S3, Elasticsearch, Lambda, EC2, RDS, Athena, VPC, IAM, Transit Gateway, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, GuardDuty, SNS, SQS, EKS