Solaire modernizes infrastructure with 99.99% optimum efficiency

The Solaire’s website migration answers its need to shift to a more efficient cloud solution, faced with the technical concern that its infrastructure was entirely reliant on a single server.

Solaire is a premier luxury hospitality institution in the Philippines, hosting thousands of guests seeking comfort in its hotel, casinos, shops, and restaurants. Its website,, serves as the first touchpoint for its clientele. But the growing number of online visitors had placed additional demands on its single server infrastructure. There was a need to enhance its efficiency and reliability in order to allow an enhanced customer experience for its visitors to its website. 

Stratpoint’s cloud team re-architected Solaire’s website and migrated it from its previous cloud provider to Stratpoint’s AWS Landing Zone. In a month, Solaire had a fully functioning website in the cloud that was better suited for their world-class business. Stratpoint also started to deliver a fully managed cloud service, maintaining the infrastructure’s security, elasticity, and high availability.

Solaire’s core business is to provide a luxurious experience to its guests, in every aspect of the customer journey. This begins the moment customers look them up online. Migrating Solaire’s website infrastructure to a robust cloud location such as AWS keeps it 99.99% operational, so that the company can focus on creating delightful guest experiences.

Technologies used:
● AWS Services: EC2, RDS, Elastic Load Balancer, Cloudwatch, Lambda, EFS, SNS, VPC
● Cloudflare

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