Go digital fast through the Build-Operate-Transfer outsourcing strategy

If you don’t invest in digital in 2023, competitors will out-innovate you. That’s according to a recent Gartner report on business resilience.

But recruiting, onboarding, and maintaining a team that will support your initiatives can be a challenge to companies of all sizes.

This ebook, From Zero to Full Speed: Accelerating your digital transformation even with a lean team using BOT, will teach you how to work with a technology services partner to get the job done.

Learn about:

  • Risks of not investing in digital transformation
  • Potential areas for digital transformation in an enterprise
  • Components of a strong digital transformation strategy
  • What it takes to form a strong implementation team
  • Leveraging an outsourcing engagement to kickstart digital initiatives
  • Regaining full control of digital initiatives through the Build-Operate-Transfer model
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