In this era of digital transformation, AI has sped up urgency for organizations to adopt and reinvent their ways. AI is inevitable, and it is here to stay. It will be more front and center than ever before. Customers demand more from businesses: the speed of information, convenience, hyper-personalized experiences, and simply a new, more effective way of doing things.

New technology can be overwhelming, and enterprises often struggle to know where to begin using AI in their workspace. At Stratpoint Labs, we help our customers embark on their AI journey, by lowering the barrier to entry and empowering them to leverage AI for improved productivity. We run early to late stage experiments in natural language processing, large language models, computer vision, and predictive modeling.

With our full suite of services (software services, Cloud, data, QA), we support our customers every step of the way: from ideation and design thinking to experimentation, prototype development, and implementation on mobile or web platforms. Whether hosted on the Cloud or locally deployed as an edge solution, we deliver game-changing solutions that deliver business value.


Managed AI Chatbot Service

24/7 FAQ handling | Data analytics | Lead management | Helpdesk

Enterprise LLM Setup

Generative AI | Content generation | Data analysis and summarization | Speedy document & information retrieval | Al assistant

Computer Vision Solutions

Object detection | Optical character recognition (OCR) | Motion recognition and pose estimation | Geolocalization

Predictive Modeling

Demand forecasting | Geospatial visualization | Suitability analysis


Bank on our
experience in AI/ML

We research, test, and deploy emerging technologies ahead of the market. Work with a team skilled in experimenting with new and innovative solutions, so you can get the maximum benefits at minimum risk.

enterprise IT

Our capabilities cover software, data, Cloud, and AI/ML, so we have the expertise to build end-to-end solutions that achieve real business goals.

Benefit from
our global practice

We have worked with top tech organizations locally and in Silicon Valley. We carry with us knowledge in disruptive platforms as well as best practices to effectively leverage them.

Months average
duration for POC/
prototyping jobs

Large Language
Models used
and evaluated

Forecast accuracy
achieved for
demand planning

Precision and
recall achieved
for object


AI Domain: Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Managed Chatbot Service (SaaS)

ChaMi is a Meta-based Al chatbot that comes with data analytics, a lead management platform, helpdesk, and a ticketing system designed to empower support teams.

AI Domain: Computer Vision

Philippine ID Smart Scan

Streamlines the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes of businesses through a multi-stage ID recognition and personal information extraction for Philippine government issued IDS.

AI Domain: Computer Vision

On-Shelf Availability

Utilizes object detection and recognition working with camera sensors for inventory management in retail store shelves.

AI Domain: Computer Vision

Automated Article Tagging

Grants readership insights on audience preference and behavior through automated article tagging to improve customer engagement and website experience.

AI Domain: Computer Vision

Sports Motion Recognition

Leverages pose-estimation and motion recognition for objective performance comparison and scoring in the field of sports, determining the level of accuracy based on standards.

AI Domain: Data Science

Demand Forecast Modeling

Uses statistical and classical machine learning models to forecast weekly order demand with recommendations on feature engineering.

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