Test Automation

ESSPI elevates software quality and development efficiency through test automation


To elevate the software quality of Essilor Shared Services Philippines Incorporated (ESSPI)’s growing development pipeline, the company’s QA team adopted a test automation practice.


ESSPI provides solutions and support services to the Essilor Group, a world-renowned lens manufacturer. Thus, it is imperative that ESSPI continuously applies itself to ensure that their operations efficiently and sustainably deliver their mandate. As a company nurturing a global market and workforce, this means reinforcing their digital platforms.

In response to a growing clamor for fully digital transactions and services, ESSPI maintained several applications that eye care professionals rely on to be effective and productive at work. The volume of new features development and maintenance effort required to support these apps easily snowballed and posed a risk to software quality. Poor software quality could turn off customers, slow down the progress of employees in their daily tasks, leave entire infrastructures vulnerable to cyber attacks, and lead to revenue loss. ESSPI already had a lean QA team executing manual test scripts for their applications, but they needed to step up their game by automating their QA operations, and they needed to do it fast.


Stratpoint Technologies deployed its QA Team to introduce automation into ESSPI’s QA initiatives and serve as an extension of their QA group to automate test scripts for the client’s applications.

  • Introduced tools such as Selenium, Java, TestNG Framework, and Maven to speed up QA processes.
  • Provided high-level training for ESSPI’s QA team that has minimal test automation experience
  • Automated more than 100 end-to-end test scripts

Having been in the business of software development for decades, Stratpoint was in a strong position to help reinforce ESSPI’s QA practice. The technology company had long established its QA processes and tested and refined them based on software development and quality assurance projects with top Filipino and Silicon Valley companies. While relatively new to test automation, ESSPI was able to access the expertise of the Stratpoint team and use it to immediately improve the quality of its application pipeline.


ESSPI’s test execution timeline was reduced by close to 90%. Moving forward, the ESSPI team would continue to implement and grow their test automation practice, and their customers, partners, and employees can expect a safe, flawless, and productive experience when using ESSPI applications.

Technologies used

  • Selenium
  • Java
  • TestNG Framework
  • Maven