Mobile and Web Application

Premium subscribers enjoy bespoke, dedicated service by Globe Platinum account managers


The Globe PlatBook is a digital terminal for web and mobile that aims to increase customer satisfaction among Globe Platinum subscribers by assisting account managers in providing proactive, responsive, and delightful service.

To address the exclusive and busy lifestyle of Globe Platinum subscribers, Globe provides them with priority connection, dedicated service, and perks. These premium privileges attract more and more Platinum subscribers every year. Globe has to keep up with the demand while retaining — even, elevating — the quality of service that the Platinum subscribers enjoy.


Stratpoint and Globe designed the Globe PlatBook, a digital terminal for web and mobile that will help increase customer satisfaction among Globe Platinum subscribers. Platinum Relationship Managers (PRM) and Service Fulfillment (SF) Experts use the application to manage their VIP customers.

In the app, PRMs and SF Experts get updates on customer requests and case ticket progress; assign team members to take care of new Platinum subscribers; and publish important announcements to the accounts team — remotely and in real-time. Other features include form management, page builder, and automatic assignments.


Globe PlatBook helps Globe Platinum account managers provide a fast, customized, and dedicated service that will inspire loyalty and expansion in this important market segment. With PlatBook, Globe strengthens its position as an advocate of wonderful customer experiences and forward-looking technologies.

Technologies used

  • ReactJS
  • Java
  • Android
  • AWS Services: EC2, SES, S3, Cloudfront, DynamoDb, Cloudwatch
  • Google Cloud: Firebase