In the News: Stratpoint Technologies, Confluent ink partnership

This article was published in The Manila Times on February 4, 2022. Photo from the same page.

Stratpoint Technologies is now a Confluent consulting partner to help companies organize and manage massive amounts of data in real time.

Building on top of Stratpoint’s existing capability on Apache Kafka, Confluent will solidify Stratpoint’s ability to design, architect, deploy and manage enterprise data streaming solutions for its customers.

Confluent is building the foundational platform for data in motion. The cloud-native offering is designed to be the intelligent connective tissue, enabling real-time data from multiple sources to constantly stream across the organization.

With Confluent, organizations can create a central nervous system to innovate and win in a digital-first world. Confluent is a full-scale, data-streaming platform for accessing, storing and managing data as continuous, real-time streams.

It was built by the original developers of Apache Kafka, which is now used by 70 percent of Fortune 100 companies.

Apache Kafka is a community-distributed, event-streaming platform that can handle trillions of events per day. Deploying the technology at an enterprise level requires time and resources that may take years to build.

Confluent is the first fully managed Kafka service in the market, covering data transport, integration between disparate systems, and securing, monitoring and managing the Kafka infrastructure.

This means that organizations can now focus on building applications that will derive value from data and events streaming from Kafka and deliver it straight to the business.

Confluent has a wide range of applications such as financial services, omnichannel retail, autonomous cars, fraud detection, microservices, the internet of things and much more.

As a Confluent consulting partner, Stratpoint Technologies will help companies accelerate time-to-market, reduce the total cost of ownership and maximize the return on investment of data event-streaming initiatives.

To talk to Stratpoint about a data-event vision, companies send a message to


February 9, 2022


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