May 23, 2024

Stratpoint climbs the ranks in Prosple’s Top 100 Employers for Fresh Graduates

Stratpoint Technologies, a digital transformation services provider of over 25 years, is recognized as one of Prosple’s Top 100 Employers for Fresh Graduates, joining the ranks of Oracle, IBM, Accenture, and Canva, among others. The prestigious recognition by Prosple highlights employers that excel at attracting and retaining recent graduates.

Yohanne Esguerra, Prosple Head of Partnership, says, “Our approach combines the dual facets of popularity and quality to evaluate each employer’s internship and graduate programs comprehensively. Popularity, constituting 75% of the assessment, reflects the engagement and interest garnered through page views and applications across all Prosple platforms. The remaining 25%, dedicated to quality, is derived from Graduate Satisfaction Reviews conducted within the company, offering valuable insights into the employee experience.” 

Jumping in the Prosple rankings from 40th place in 2023 to 35th in 2024, Stratpoint sets itself apart by offering new professionals great opportunities for growth. Its onboarding programs are meticulously designed to support individuals who aspire to be part of the IT industry. Internship programs provide practical, hands-on experience that enriches students’ academic learning. They also offer a Cadetship Program, a rigorous 18-month training that equips career shifters with technical and soft skills, preparing them for deployment in real projects. 

“We owe Stratpoint’s successful 25-year run in IT to the talented and diverse pool of Stratizens,” says Jacqui Binayan, HR Director of  Stratpoint Technologies. “We have onboarded many young professionals who are now leading a new generation of software, cloud, data, QA and AI engineers. We look forward to nurturing more graduates to become top executives in technology.”

When you join Stratpoint, you will jump-start your career in technology in a nurturing environment that values continuous learning and mentorship. Learn more about Stratpoint as a top employer at