June 25, 2024

Stratpoint Technologies leads the way as the first AWS PH Partner to bag the elite Golden Jacket
Charles Lao, Technical Architect at Stratpoint, makes history as the first individual from an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner company in the Philippines to earn the prestigious AWS Golden Jacket. 

This distinction, awarded to those who have successfully cleared all active AWS certifications, solidifies Charles’ standing as a leading expert in the AWS ecosystem.  Charles’ path to the Golden Jacket was a four-year continuous learning and dedication journey. This demonstrates his comprehensive grasp of Cloud architecture, security, development, operations, and machine learning.

Before he started in Stratpoint in 2021, Charles began his journey to becoming AWS-certified in 2020 by taking online courses. He received his first certification as an AWS-certified Cloud Practitioner in 2021. He completed all courses after four years, receiving the AWS Data Engineer – Associate certification as his latest milestone, paving the way for eligibility for the AWS Golden Jacket.

In only four years and with Stratpoint’s unwavering support, Charles cleared 13 AWS certifications:

  1. AWS Cloud Practitioner
  2. AWS Solutions Architect – Associate
  3. AWS Advanced Networking – Specialty
  4. AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate
  5. AWS Security – Specialty
  6. AWS Database – Specialty
  7. AWS Developer – Associate
  8. AWS Solutions Architect – Professional
  9. SAP on AWS – Specialty
  10. AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional
  11. AWS Data Analytics – Specialty
  12. AWS Machine Learning – Specialty
  13. AWS Data Engineer – Associate 

“Stratpoint has been an instrumental partner in my AWS certification journey. Their unwavering support, including expert guidance, study materials, sandbox environments for hands-on practice, and exam preparation resources, empowered me to achieve this milestone successfully. I’m immensely grateful for their investment in my professional development,” Charles expressed.

“One of my professional goals is to become the first and most capable person who comes to mind, the go-to expert when Stratpoint or a client requires Cloud-related support,” he added.

This impressive feat is a testament to his technical expertise and commitment to staying at the forefront of AWS technologies. It reinforces Stratpoint’s position as a trusted AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and the leading AWS solutions provider in the Philippines, with the expertise to tackle complex client challenges. It also highlights Stratpoint’s deep commitment to technical excellence and passion for empowering businesses through innovation and technology. 

This achievement also exemplifies the Philippines’ growing capacity to innovate and lead in the Cloud computing and tech industries. As more Filipino professionals follow Charles’ footsteps, the country is poised to become a regional tech powerhouse.

Charles’ accomplishment comes on the heels of Rom Gapuz, an AWS Philippines Solutions Architect, the first individual in the country to earn Golden Jacket status. The parallel journeys of these two AWS trailblazers highlight the growing depth of Cloud expertise in the Philippines.

Having undergone the same certification process, Rom can attest that this milestone is a testament to one’s unwavering dedication and commitment. “I’m extending my heartfelt congratulations to Charles and Stratpoint on the remarkable achievement of obtaining all AWS certifications. Earning even a single AWS certification requires countless hours of studying, practicing, and preparing for the rigorous exams. Clearing all certifications is a true test of one’s passion for the field and desire to excel in their craft,” Rom said.

“Having a supportive company like Stratpoint makes the journey significantly easier. The invaluable empowerment that a company provides to its employees to pursue professional development opportunities benefits the individual and strengthens the organization as a whole, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth,” he added.

Furthermore, Rom confirmed that “Charles and Stratpoint’s achievement is a shining example of what can be accomplished when dedication meets opportunity, reflecting the high standards and values they both uphold as a professional and as a company. I’m sure this accomplishment will be the first of many more to come and will continue to drive Charles and Stratpoint to greater heights of success.”

For individuals like Rom and Charles who dream of completing all AWS certifications and receiving the AWS Golden Jacket, dedication and commitment are key. For these individuals’ employers, Rom believes that their support is invaluable to make the certification journey significantly easier. 

“In addition to all these, practical and hands-on experience is important and we can get this when we help our end customers transform their businesses with AWS Cloud. You can leverage the free and subscription-based resources provided by AWS, such as digital training courses, practice exams, hands-on labs, and AWS Cloud Quest. These can help you prepare effectively for the certification exams,” Rom concluded.

Beyond being a symbol of accomplishment, the AWS Golden Jacket validates an individual’s deep and wide-ranging AWS knowledge. It signifies a holistic understanding of AWS technologies, making recipients invaluable assets to their organizations and the broader community.

Know more about Stratpoint Cloud services and its partnership with AWS: https://stratpoint.com/stratpoint-cloud/