James - Blog 2

March 21, 2023

Pushing the boat forward with Mobile Developer James Gruta

How do you help clients achieve their goals?

Imagine a paper boat on stagnant water. If the goal is to push the boat forward, you must take action. It’s not just about folding the paper correctly. It’s also about creating the waves to move the boat to its destination.

As a software engineer, I’m tasked to develop an app. But I go beyond just coding. I work with a team and nurture relationships with clients. I pitch in ideas. I extend help as much as possible, not just by fulfilling my role but by pouring my heart into the project and helping push my team and clients to success.

How do you help enrich experiences, empower businesses, and uplift communities through your work?

Apps and websites are the gateways to access the whole world. As a software engineer, I create bridges so that humans can connect and achieve their goals wherever and whenever they may be.

How does your work impact your customer?

Successful app deployments mean new functionalities and updates to the application are made available to users who rely on the app every day. This translates into a stronger brand, growth, and customer loyalty for my client.

How do you maintain a good working relationship with clients?

Be as reliable as possible. Clients trust consistency and delivering promises. Aside from fulfilling my duties, I try to connect with clients through shared interests. More than our respective jobs, we are humans trying to work together towards one goal.

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