Glizzel - Blog2

March 22, 2023

Fostering excellence and collaboration with Outsystems Engineer Glizzel Toledo

How do you help clients achieve their goals?

When I deliver my tasks, I ensure that they pass the most rigid quality standards. In instances when I know that our deliverables may be compromised, I contribute solutions and suggestions on how we can maintain excellent output.

How do you contribute to building or maintaining a good working relationship with clients?

I believe that open communication is important in building and maintaining good relationships. Challenges can be resolved quickly when team members communicate honestly. From my end, I generously provide feedback and suggestions, and I expect my colleagues and clients to do the same.

How do you ensure that you always deliver value to your colleagues and clients?

I read carefully and make sure I understand instructions given to me before I set to work. I make clarifications and anticipate potential issues. This way, my output will be aligned with the expectations of my team and the client.

How do you help contribute to Stratpoint’s purpose of enriching lives, empowering businesses, and uplifting communities?

Being a software engineer is more than a job. It is my craft, and I am passionate about excelling and making an impact. I help people by making their everyday tasks more convenient through apps. I share knowledge and insights with my colleagues and clients so we can achieve our goals and grow together as technology professionals.

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